Flow Love - What does your period say about your health?

FLOW LOVE Dark. Heavy. Short. Light. Pale. Long. Do you ever pay attention to the colour and consistency of your menstrual cycle? How long your cycle lasts for, or how long in between each one? In Chinese Medicine, all these questions are VERY important for the health of a woman’s cycle and also her health in general. It can help us determine whats happening in the body and allows us to better treat it. In this blog post I’m going to go through the most common ways that your flow can show you whats happening in your body and with your health! QI DEFICIENCY - This type of flow will be light red in colour + heavy, and will usually arrive earlier then expected. The Spleen Qi of the body is what

Menstrual Cycle Phases

MENSTRUAL CYCLE PHASES That time of the month. Period. Aunt Flow. The thing we all have in common as women. A woman’s menstrual cycle has 4 phases that it goes through monthly. Follicular Phase. Ovulation. Luteal Phase. Menstruation. There is a constant ebb and flow of hormones that keep everything in balance and running throughout the month as its suppose to. In this blog post I’m going to go through each phase of the cycle and explain what’s happening in the body, as well as from a Chinese Medicine perspective. M E N S T R U A T I O N Day 1 of your menstrual cycle! The day you start to bleed. Lasting between 3-7 days. Before your period, there is a build up of estrogen and progesterone tha


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