silk glow
cosmetic acupuncture facial
75 minutes  |  $150

Initial treatment includes an intake + skin analysis to determine any concerns and goals of the treatment,

A combination of body and facial acupuncture is then done to balance the skin from the inside out and increase collagen production, followed by a Gua Sha + Jade Rolling massage to sculpt facial muscles, increase circulation, drain lymph nodes, reduce puffiness and relax facial tension.

*please be aware this is not a traditional facial and does not include steaming or extractions.

get silky
cosmetic acupuncture
60 minutes  |  $125

Initial treatment includes an intake + skin analysis to determine any concerns and goals of the treatment. 

Followed by body and facial acupuncture to balance the skin from the inside out and increase collagen production.

smooth it out
gua sha facial
45 minutes  |  $100

Treatment includes a custom blend of skincare depending on your concerns and skins needs. Followed by Gua Sha + Facial Rolling to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, sculpt and tone facial muscles, increase circulation, drain lymph nodes, reduce puffiness and relax facial tension. 

add on treatments
algae peel off mask
face renewing peel
+15 minutes  |  $25
+15 minutes  |  $25

The ultimate hydration mask!

Made from algae, herbs and electrolytes like potassium, magnesium and sodium. These masks work by balancing, hydrating and repairing the skins moisture barrier. 

Recommended for all skin types. 

*all natural + organic

free from parabens, sulphates,

phthalates, talc, corn starch.

A multi level peel used to renew, brighten + purify the skin.

Made with 45% AHA's like glycolic and lactic acid, which work by stimulating oxygen in the cells, revitalizing vitality and boosting collagen production. 

Recommended for stressed, aging skin.

Uneven skin tone, dullness and fine lines. 

Congestion and hyperpigmentation.

*natural ingredients free from silicones and fragrance.


How does facial acupuncture work?

Facial acupuncture is an all natural, facial rejuvenation treatment which involves the use of tiny needles that are placed in the face. These needles cause micro-trauma to the skin, which signals the body to send collagen, blood + qi to the area to heal...leaving you with plump, glowing skin!

How many treatments do I need?

Treatments are recommended 1-2x weekly for a total of 6-12 treatments, depending on age, lifestyle and goals of the treatments.

What does facial acupuncture treat?

It can treat everything from fine lines + wrinkles, acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dull + uneven skintone, redness, eczema, psorisis and so on!

Can I claim acupuncture with my benefits?

Yes! if you have extended health care, a certain amount of treatments can be claimed. Check with your insurance provider to see if you qualify.

Can I get just one treatment?

Yes! You're more then welcome to get just one treatment done. You'll still notice benefits to the skin.