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Hadaka | Lucent Veil Sheet Mask

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  • Beta-Glucan is 20% more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid, for instant SUPERIOR HYDRATION & LUMINOSITY!


    LUCENT VEIL facial mask will help skin anti-oxidization, dullness, and immune effects to give you radiant and luminous skin. A combination of nature and technology, the ingredients offer high moisturization, improvement of fine lines, and promotion of collagen synthesis to reveal younger-looking skin.


    This ultra-fine biocellulose mask comprises microscopic fibres derived from a natural fermentation process, then saturated with unique and precious beta-glucan extracts of the Sparassis Crispa. This magnificent natural ingredient, known for its medicinal qualities, only grows in a clean and optimal environment. The infusion of beta-glucan and several botanical extracts delivers incomparable hydration with immune functions to improve skin barrier, soothe, and restore moisture. Unveiling, noticeably more, radiant and supple skin.


    Cleanse face and pat dry.

    • Remove mask from pouch and unfold. There are three layers; remove and discard one protective mesh film. Apply the mask to the face, aligning with the eyes and mouth. (Keeping the second protective film will make it easier to apply).

    • Remove the second protective mesh film and smooth out the mask to hug the contours of your face.

    • Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. OR, pair with the SkinGear LED Face Mask to amplify your treatment. *

    • Remove the sheet mask and gently tap skin for better absorption of the essence. Use any remaining essence on the neck or chest.

    • There is no need to rinse. Continue with a regular skincare routine!

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