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  • Kacie Krecolowich R.Ac

Gua Sha vs Jade Rolling - What's the difference?


I’m sure by now you’ve all seen these tools all over the place, they have blown up in popularity in the last year! Although new to most people, these tools have been used for thousands of years for anti aging + skin health in Chinese + Asian cultures.

But what’s the difference between them? Are they both beneficial for everyone? I’m going to go over this in todays blog post, to help you choose which is better suited for your skin needs!



This is a Jade Roller. As the name says, it is made with the stone Jade which is a naturally cooling stone. This tool is gently rolled on the skin, in an outward + upward motion, and is best used around the eye area (puffiness + dark circles) and for penetrating products deeper into the skin. Many different stones have since been made into rollers, but the original Jade is still my favourite because of it’s cooling benefits. They are also great for anyone who travels regularly and finds themselves getting puffy from the dehydration + jet lag (this is the perfect time to use your jade roller with a sheet mask!)

BEST USED FOR: The eye area (puffiness + dark circles), to penetrate products deeper into the skin, regular travellers.



This is a Gua Sha tool. If you already have one, yours might look different, as there are lots of different shapes that the tools can come in but this one is my personal favourite. As much as I love Jade Rolling, Gua Sha is my absolute FAVOURITE out of the two. I find it makes a lot more noticeable changes to the skin + face. It also has the added benefit of helping anyone who deals with headaches, jaw tension (clenching), stress, or anxiety. This tool is great for smoothing out fine lines + wrinkles, sculpting facial muscles, releasing tension, increasing circulation, and most importantly, draining the lymph nodes. Because this tool works so well at draining the lymph nodes, you’ll notice a huge improvement in things like breakouts, puffiness and overall look/glow of the skin.

BEST USED FOR: Draining the lymph nodes, smoothing out fine lines + wrinkles, releasing tension, increasing circulation.



Which ever tool you decide to go with, it's best to start with freshly cleansed skin, followed by your favourite face oil. Once the oil is applied, work in upward + outward motions with a light pressure, making sure not to tug on the skin. I personally like to do my gua sha/jade rolling routine in the evening before bed, cause I find it very relaxing and calming which helps me sleep!

I hope this helped explain the difference between Gua Sha + Jade Rolling, both are incredible tools that I highly recommend adding into your daily beauty routine to help you..


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