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  • Kacie Krecolowich R.Ac



In Chinese Medicine, different areas of the face correspond to different organs and whats happening inside the body, which can reflect on the skin. In this blog post I'm going to go through each organ and area of the face, explain what might be happening, and some simple ways to help treat it!

SMALL INTESTINE - This area of the face is related to the small intestine and can be affected by a number of things like poor diet, not enough sleep, dehydration, digestion and stress. This area also gets congested really easily from sweating, so make sure you're washing your face as soon as you finish working out! Another common cause of breakouts on the forehead can be from your haircut...thats right ladies! BANGS! They might look cute but your hair holds lots of oils that are great for your hair/scalp...not so great for your face!

LIVER - This area of the face is related to the liver and is most affected by stress, alcohol, caffeine, not enough sleep or water, and medication. I usually like to start by increasing water and reducing caffeine with this area and seeing how that works. Also be mindful if you start a new supplement or liver detox, it’s likely that you might purge in this area at the beginning!

HORMONES/OVARIES - The chin and around the mouth relates to hormones and the ovaries. You'll usually notice a breakout or two around menstruation or if you have a gynaecological condition like pcos, you might notice breakouts there consistently. The complicated thing about dealing with hormonal acne is that everyone’s cause is going to be different… some might be from stress, some might be from diet… and its usually not just cleared up by one thing either. I usually recommend finding a practitioner to help guide you through the journey to heal this and balance your hormones!

KIDNEYS - The area under the eyes relates to the kidneys. If you notice dark circles or bags under the eyes, your kidneys might be overworked. This can happen from not enough sleep or overworking, which can lead to stress on the body. This area is also hereditary and can be passed down from your parents, which at that point, there isn’t too much you can do!

LUNGS - This area on the upper cheeks relates to the lungs. If you have allergies, asthma, smoke or are around environmental chemicals regularly, you might notice breakouts in this area. Taking deep breathes to ensure you’re getting enough clean, fresh oxygen will help. Regular yoga practice is another great way to connect your body to your breath and get some oxygen flowing!

STOMACH - This area on the cheeks is almost always related to digestion, diet + food intolerances. The 3 biggest causes are going to be dairy, gluten and sugar, but can come from any food that your body isn’t agreeing with at the moment. An elimination diet is one of the easiest ways to figure out whats not agreeing with you and connect with your body. That being said you can also get breakouts here from talking on your cell phone or not changing your pillow case regularly.

LARGE INTESTINE - This area of the face relates to how your body is eliminating. If you're not having regular bowel movements, you'll have a build up of toxins which get reabsorbed by the body into the bloodstream. Try increasing water, fruit & veggie, and fibre intake to ensure proper bowel elimination and clearing toxins from the blood.


As you can see, figuring out where some of your skin issues are coming from can be complicated. At the end of the day, it’s never going to be caused or fixed by one thing but rather will be healed in layers over time. I always recommend to find a practitioner who you trust and connect with to help guide you through it, so you can...

glow with the flow

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